The next Whole Body Workshop series installment is NOT about “opening” or “loosening” your hips. It’s about strengthening and stabilizing them. Join me on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 7pm to learn how to support this joint. This workshop will help you manage the pain and instability of an arthritic or injured hip, build a strong foundation before entering hip replacement surgery, and help you recover from getting a new joint.

I will offer tips, postures and practices that will transform your relationship to your hips. I do this because I’m not just a Yoga Therapist, but the proud–and pain-free–recipient of a new hip joint.

The cost for the workshop is $20. No prior Yoga experience necessary. Can’t get up and down on the floor? No worries–this class can be done with a chair and standing. Pre-registration is required.

Sign up HERE. 

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