Is Private Yoga Right for You?

Private yoga sessions are beneficial for those recovering from injuries or surgery, navigating illness, interested in learning how to keep themselves safe during a public class, looking to create a home practice, or trying to fit wellness into a busy schedule. Even before you walk in the door of my studio, I ask you to […]

Inner Peace Yoga Podcast with Theresa Conroy

Interested in learning more about my practice and how I moved from being a hard-nosed newspaper reporter to a Yoga Therapist? Listen to this podcast with Michele Lawrence, director of Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, one of the country’s top Yoga Therapy schools.

Postural Assessment

  Have you noticed a correlation between your posture–how you hold your head and shoulders, the tilt of your pelvis, the shift in your spine–and the pain and discomfort in your body? Do you suspect the habits of holding your body have created problems in movement, but aren’t quite sure of the details of that […]

Saturday workshops

Join me for THREE upcoming  Saturday workshops that will cover all the bases for your Yoga practice: Slow Flow, July 27 at 10 a.m. SIGN UP NOW   Yoga for Stability & Strength, Aug. 3, at 10 a.m. SIGN UP NOW   Yoga for Balance & Flexibility, Aug. 17, at 10 a.m. SIGN UP NOW

Yoga for Grief & Depression

Living with grief or depression can weight heavily on our physical and emotional health. These conditions cause us to carry constant sadness, guilt and inertia. These emotions can isolate us and even interfere with our ability to feel and experience life. Yoga Therapy can help you identify those emotions, feel them, make room for them […]

Core Strength Vinyasa

Join me Saturday, June 15, at 10am, to learn how to ignite and strengthen deep core muscles to enhance your Yoga practice and improve your posture and quality of life. This is not a practice filled with crunches and leg lifts. Instead, it uses Sadie Nardini’s techniques of connecting to the core muscle train to […]

Rest and Restore

This Wednesday night Stress Relief workshop–June 5, 2019, at 7pm— will focus on postures and relaxation practices that create stillness, calm and tension release in the body. We will begin with a relaxing breath practice designed to calm the nervous system and boost resilience to stress. The physical postures will include slow, rhythmic flows and […]

Whole Self Workshop: Pain Relief

Yoga helps reduce and manage pain in a number of effective ways–from calming the nervous system and retraining the mind, to increasing mobility and building strength. My Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief Workshop, on Tuesday, May 21, at 7pm, will teach you tools and techniques for reducing your pain and helping to bring you back […]

Yoga Nidra: The Divine Sleep

Please join me on Saturday, May 18, at 1p.m., to receive the most powerful deep relaxation and restoration Yoga has to offer: Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep). Yoga Nidra, a sublime guided meditation, will bring you to a state of conscious rest that is deep, rejuvenating and healing. Whether you are burned out from stress or […]

Discover the Power of Your Breath

Join me for a Yoga For Stress Relief workshop on Wednesday, May 1, at 7pm to learn how Yoga breathing practices (Pranayama) can help calm your nervous system, reduce muscle tension and anxiety, invigorate a tired or depressed mood, and even influence resiliency by toning your parasympathetic nervous system response. You will learn various breathing techniques […]