Now Offering FREE Consultations

Have you been wondering if Yoga Therapy can help you? I can help. I now offer FREE Yoga Therapy consultations to help you figure out the best way to reduce pain, enhance range of motion and flexibility, build strength, and improve posture. To receive this 15-minute consultation–either by phone or web conferencing–simply clink the link […]

Join me at NamasDay

Please join me at Philadelphia’s best yoga event, Namas Day, presented by My Area Yoga, PHILLY. This gathering of some of the city’s top Yoga instructors and most dedicated students is a daylong exploration of modern applications of this ancient practice. I will be teaching a 90-minute class–discussion and practice–on Pain. Please see the details […]

Studio Policies

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY Private sessions require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule. Please cancel or reschedule sessions through the online scheduling system, either by signing in to your account or clicking the link in the reminder email. You must cancel your spot from a group class at least three (3) hours prior to […]

Create Calm

I turned to Yoga to help ease intense anxiety. After two debilitating bouts of Anxiety and Panic Attacks, I was desperate to find relief. Yoga provided it. It wasn’t just the relaxing calming poses–in fact, they didn’t work at first. It was mastering the art of being in challenging positions and situations while being able […]

Deep Yoga Sleep

Saturday, April 14, 2018 12 p.m. REGISTER HERE Yoga Nidra is a special, guided meditation practice that provides profound relaxation. Lying on the floor (or sitting, if the floor is not accessible), you will be taken on a journey through deep release and relaxation. This workshop will focus solely on bringing peace to body and […]

Yoga for Parkinson’s Breathing Exercise for Abdominal Strength

You know the value of strengthening the stabilizing abdominal muscles, what many of us refer to as our “core.” But if you have a back injury or mobility restrictions, the classic exercises–planks or crunches or Yoga’s Boat Pose–might not be appropriate. This easy breathing exercise will help. Using the breath, you can strengthen abdominal muscles […]

Schedule Notes

The studio will be closed for vacation Dec. 2-11, 2017.  Classes and private sessions will resume Tuesday, Dec. 12. You can sign up now for our Yoga for Back and Neck Pain and Yoga for Stress Relief classes on Dec. 12 and 13. Christmas and New Year’s holidays will not impact our regular class schedule.

New Class: Yoga for Back & Neck Pain

The increasing number of clients who struggle with back and neck pain has convinced me that this condition deserves its own, dedicated group class. Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017, my Therapeutic Yoga Class will become Yoga for Back & Neck Pain. The class will meet each week at 7 pm. What to expect in this […]

Making Your Yoga Count

There has been a strengthening trend among some Yoga practitioners toward eliminating the postures that don’t have much functional significance in our lives and adding movement that has functional application for daily living—even if those new poses aren’t (gasp!) “official” Yoga moves. I fully embrace that trend. Why spend time in class perfecting acrobatic Yoga […]

Don’t touch that foot!

Sometimes in Yoga we we grab our shin to pull it closer to parallel in our Pigeon Pose, grab an ankle to bring the foot higher in Tree Pose, or let a Yoga teacher draw our arms into a bind in a seated twist. In each case, we are manually pulling ourselves–and our joints and […]