What is Yoga Therapy, anyway?

Yoga Therapy is not just a private or small Yoga class. It is a specialized session that uses familiar Yoga practices (breathing techniques, movement, postures, relaxation and meditation) and some unfamiliar processes (a specialized series of maneuvers or an advanced breathing or meditation technique) to address physical and emotional health. Whether you are dealing with […]

Coming June 20, 2017


Join us for a group class or private session beginning Tuesday, June 20. Our first group class–Therapeutic Yoga–will meet that evening at 7:15 p.m., in our new Yoga Therapy space. The following night, we will mark the return of our popular Yoga for Stress Relief Class, at 7 p.m. To ensure our classes offer plenty […]

Posture Clinic


This two-hour workshop will guide you toward adopting a more relaxed, pain-free and natural posture. Learn earn how to use Yoga practices to strengthen the back and core, calm muscle tension from shoulders and neck, and release tightness inhibiting your ease while standing, sitting, walking and running. Space in this workshop is limited so that […]