Private yoga sessions are beneficial for those recovering from injuries or surgery, navigating illness, interested in learning how to keep themselves safe during a public class, looking to create a home practice, or trying to fit wellness into a busy schedule.

Even before you walk in the door of my studio, I ask you to fill out a detailed intake form. This will help me better understand your goals, needs and obstacles. It also helps guide me in creating a practice just for you. During our first session, expect to spend some time in a deep discussion about what’s happening in your body, your mind and your life. From there, our work will be collaborative.

Some people schedule just one or two sessions to get them on their way to healing, jump starting a home Yoga practice or entering a group class. Others prefer to take a private class once a week or twice a month. Some come even more frequently. The classes begin at your pace and end when you are reading.

If you’re interested in exploring how private Yoga can help you, please email or call me (215-888-9123).

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