Here’s a question many of you have asked:

How will your classes at Theresa Conroy Yoga Therapy differ from than those you taught at Yoga On The Ridge?

There are some significant differences:

  • Class size. New classes will be smaller, so that each student can receive individual attention and constant “eyes on.”
  • Focus. The focus here will be directly on YOU and your specific needs, which means classes will be more personalized and I will have more opportunity to teach to individuals within the group. This is something that is impossible to do well in a larger, “traditional” class. And it’s the primary reason I wanted to shift my business to all Yoga Therapy. Here’s how I expect it to work: You will notify me online when you register, or in person when you show up, what needs and issues you are facing so that I can address those needs during the group class. You might let me know that your back is stiff, that you overdid your workout and have sore muscles, or that stress at your job has heightened your anxiety. Whatever it is, we’ll work with it—together.
  • Pre-registration. To keep these classes intimate and focused, students will need to pre-register though my studio management system. This system is a terrific platform that I’ve been using for quite a while to manage my private clients. It’s user friendly and responsive.
  • Extras. Expect to receive yoga programs to use at home, free meditation classes, in-depth workshops, interesting class series you won’t find elsewhere, more physical adjustments and assists, and the addition of Essential Oil therapy when appropriate.
  • Atmosphere. We have beautifully decorated our space, which includes a practice studio large enough for 10-12 mats, and two smaller therapy rooms for private sessions. But we’ve purposely chosen the location to reflect the therapeutic nature of our practice and to distinguish it from other traditional yoga studios. We share our building with a doctor, occupational therapist and talk therapist.
  • Price. My group classes will cost $20. I have increased the price to reflect the personal, more intimate nature of the experience. These are NOT large group classes sequenced for general consumption. These are therapeutic classes designed for individuals who happen to be practicing together.

Now, here’s what will be the same:

My teaching style.

Those of you who have been attending my classes through the years probably noticed that my teaching has shifted significantly.  When I began teaching in 2005, I taught a flowing “Vinyasa” style class filled with Sun Salutations. I loved Vinyasa. I still do. As my Yoga Therapy education increased, so did my knowledge, understanding, awareness and philosophy about the physical Yoga practice. A fast-paced, flowing style was not suitable for many of the students who came into my space. As I learned and experienced other healing techniques of Yoga, I was drawn to exploring those practices—the things that each of us could take into our lives to make our day-to-day existence easier, more productive and happier. That effort resonated with my students. Gradually, I witnessed myself shedding the old ways of teaching and incorporating more therapeutic practices. A classic example of how Yoga Therapy influenced my teaching style can be seen in my popular Yoga for Stress Relief class. (This class will continue at the same day and time–7 p.m. Wednesday nights–in my new space).

By opening Theresa Conroy Yoga Therapy, I’m not changing the way I teach, but finally using descriptions—“Therapeutic,” “Gentle,” “Yoga for Stress Relief”—that more accurately describe how I teach.

If you liked my teaching style at Yoga On The Ridge, you’ll still like it at Theresa Conroy Yoga Therapy. Same style, different name.

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  1. Karen Bramblett August 28, 2017 Reply

    Hi. I had pre-paid for classes at Yoga on the Ridge, but did not use all of them. Do you have a record of the balance, and may I use it toward the smaller classes? I would be interested in focusing on pain relief and programs for a herniated disc at L3-L4.

  2. Karen Bramblett August 28, 2017 Reply

    Oh, and sorry for the delay in congratulating you on your move to Lafayette Hill, which is next door to my neighborhood in Plymouth Meeting.

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