The increasing number of clients who struggle with back and neck pain has convinced me that this condition deserves its own, dedicated group class.

Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017, my Therapeutic Yoga Class will become Yoga for Back & Neck Pain. The class will meet each week at 7 pm.

What to expect in this class? Postures and practices to open the chest, relax over-stressed muscles (you know. . . those knots near your shoulder blades!), and strengthen weakened or overstretched back muscles. We will work on ways to improve posture, especially while at the computer and driving, and methods to counter the effects of the constant use of electronic devices. And because pain and stress are so closely tied, we will work on relaxation and stress-relief as well.

As with all of my classes and privates sessions, some of what you encounter will come directly from Yoga. Other options will be borrowed from modalities and teachings I have found to be effective for bringing the body into balance and out of pain. I will also rely on my certification in Yoga for Chronic Pain to address the brain’s response to injuries and immobility in the back and neck.

As with all my group classes, pre-registration is required so that I may keep the class-size small enough to provide individual attention.

Sign up for classes through the website or by using this link.


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