Have you noticed a correlation between your posture–how you hold your head and shoulders, the tilt of your pelvis, the shift in your spine–and the pain and discomfort in your body? Do you suspect the habits of holding your body have created problems in movement, but aren’t quite sure of the details of that dynamic?

If you believe you could benefit from a trained set of eyes to look at your posture and movement, then please consider signing up for a Postural Assessment.

During this 90-minute private Yoga Therapy session, we will review your posture in detail, experiment with various yoga postures and muscle-strength and flexibility tests, to explore your pain, movement, discomfort and postural imbalances. Then we’ll move on to identifying Yoga practices that could help bring you back into balance and well-being.

As part of the Postural Assessment, you will receive a detailed report of our session and a complete home practice document to use on your own.


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