The most powerful way to benefit from Yoga Therapy is in a one-on-one session…

During Private Yoga Therapy classes, we create a practice that responds to your specific needs and goals. The direction of our work will be guided by a complete Assessment during your first session. We will explore your health history, lifestyle and goals, posture, pain and movement. Based on our findings and your goals, I will develop a Yoga plan that may include postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, lifestyle enrichment and movements and practices borrowed from other disciplines.

Private Yoga Therapy is helpful for those seeking to develop a home practice, looking for expert guidance as they recover from injury, help in managing symptoms of illness, or learning how to safely enter group classes.

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Private Yoga Therapy

An exploration, analysis and practice focused on your specific needs and goals. This one-on-one offering is the most efficient and powerful way to move toward healing.

60 min. – $120

Postural Assessment

Alignment, muscular imbalance, injuries/pain, and range of movement are considered during this session. We focus on your physical and emotional health to develop a plan that responds to your goals and needs. Includes a personal Home Yoga Practice and full report from the session. 

75-90 min. – $185


A hands-on session of supported postures and dialogue designed to tap into your inner wisdom and emotional landscape. You will leave with clarity, insight and a concrete plan for the future.                                               

60 min. – $120


An ongoing relationship to integrate your practice into your life. This work can be scheduled weekly, monthly or as-needed, in person or online. Professional mentoring also available for Yoga Therapists, Instructors and Therapists-in-training.

60 min. – $120

Private Yoga Therapy Packages

4-Session Private Package


Ideal for new students.

6 Private Yoga Therapy Sessions


Three-month expiration.

12 Private Yoga Therapy Sessions


Six-month expiration.