Private sessions require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule. Please cancel or reschedule sessions through the online scheduling system, either by signing in to your account or clicking the link in the reminder email.

You must cancel your spot from a group class at least three (3) hours prior to the scheduled start time. Please cancel your attendance via the online scheduler.

(Please note: Canceling an appointment online does not retain your payment. To keep your payment, you must reschedule. If rescheduling is impossible, contact Theresa for other arrangements.)

In the case of sudden illness or emergency that occurs outside the scheduling limits, call Theresa (215-888-9123) as soon as possible, and prior to the appointment start time, to cancel your private or group appointment. There will be no charge for emergency cancellations that are made prior to the appointment start time.

(I am uncomfortable working with clients who are contagious or suffering from an active cold or flu. Please help me keep from passing any contagious illness on to my clients and family—some of whom struggle with vulnerable immunes systems—by canceling your appointment. I am always happy to refund your payment or reschedule your session if you are ill. You may be turned away from a class or private session if you arrive sick.)

There is no refund for no-show appointments. Clients who repeatedly fail to attend appointments or show up unreasonably late may be denied future service.

Please plan to arrive for your Yoga Therapy session or class on time. Private sessions cannot be extended to accommodate late arrival.

Repeated, disruptive, unexcused lateness for group classes may result in being excluded from class.

If Theresa Conroy suffers a sudden illness or emergency, you will be notified as soon as possible of the cancellation of your class or private session. I, or a representative, will attempt to contact you by phone, text and/or email. Your payment for that class will be refunded or applied to a future session.

In case of dangerous weather conditions, cancellations will be listed on the studio’s Facebook page, and classes will be cancelled online. You will receive an automated email notice of a cancelled class. You may also receive a phone call or text message, when possible.

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