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Posture Clinic

This two-hour workshop will guide you toward adopting a more relaxed, pain-free and natural posture. Learn earn how to use Yoga practices to strengthen the back and core, calm muscle tension from shoulders and neck, and release tightness inhibiting your ease while standing, sitting, walking and running. Space in this workshop is limited so that […]

Deep Yoga Sleep

Saturday, April 14, 2018 12 p.m. REGISTER HERE Yoga Nidra is a special, guided meditation practice that provides profound relaxation. Lying on the floor (or sitting, if the floor is not accessible), you will be taken on a journey through deep release and relaxation. This workshop will focus solely on bringing peace to body and […]

Create Calm

I turned to Yoga to help ease intense anxiety. After two debilitating bouts of Anxiety and Panic Attacks, I was desperate to find relief. Yoga provided it. It wasn’t just the relaxing calming poses–in fact, they didn’t work at first. It was mastering the art of being in challenging positions and situations while being able […]

Introducing: The Whole Self Workshop Series

Because Theresa Conroy Yoga Therapy is a new and different type of Yoga studio, I am able to offer specialized, in-depth body/mind education you won’t find at other area studios. And as a Certified Yoga Therapist and graduate of two Yoga Therapy schools, I can cover a wide range of topics that will help improve […]

Yoga for Healthy Hips

May’s installment of the Whole Body Workshop Series focuses on hips. This workshop is for you if you experience pain, stiffness or limited range of motion in your hips or pelvis. Tight, unstable hips can cause pain in the back and the knees. Don’t expect this to be like those Hip Opening workshops you see […]