During the Coronavirus emergency, we have suspended studio classes.

But you can still join us online for your weekly Yoga for Parkinson’s! We offer two types of classes.

Join us live via Zoom.

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Sorry, the classes below are suspended due to the Coronavirus.

Stress Relief Workshop

The Stress Relief workshop includes postures and practices to release muscles tension, restorative poses to calm the nervous system. Each workshop has a special focus, and includes a deeper exploration of Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep meditation).


Yoga Therapy Classes with Theresa Conroy

Thursdays – 10 a.m.
Yoga for Parkinson’s

We use postures, breathing practices, flowing movement and relaxation techniques to address the specific and wide-ranging symptoms of this neurological disease. The pace of this yoga therapy class is matched to the needs and abilities of participants, who learn how to improve balance, avoid falls and injury, release stiff muscles, develop core strength and reduce anxiety and depression. This class is supported by a grant from The Parkinson Council.

Workshops each Thursday.


Yoga Therapy Classes with Theresa Conroy

Slow Flow

The Saturday Slow Flow Workshop explores the physical applications of Yoga Therapy for specific injuries and anatomy by using a slower-paced practice of breath linked with movement. We break down therapeutic practices for shoulders, neck, lower back, core strength, knee health, hip stability, and more.


Yoga Therapy Classes with Theresa Conroy